German Volunteer

Testimonial from German Volunteer – August 2012

My name is Annemarie and I lived in Arusha for a few months in 2012. At the Karibu Fair 2012, I heard about Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa (SWCEA) for the first time. SWCEA explained to me how the filter works and I felt confident because it is a low priced, efficient and sustainable way of cleaning water without using energy. Safe drinking water is a topic I dealt with during my time in Tanzania because my neighbors in Arusha, my friends, and myself got sick due to dirty water again and again. That is why I decided to buy filters for my friends and neighbors as a gift before I left Arusha. My neighbors are Maasai who cannot afford to buy drinking water or even the medical treatment when they or their kids are sick. So, I hope with the use of the SWCEA filters some waterborne diseases can be avoided and there is a positive impact to their lives.