A Word from SWCEA

Life in Arusha is still vibrant and challenging. It is with great pleasure that SWCEA takes on the task of reducing waterborne diseases in the communities. Around the office and factory you can see children playing and some children on duty from their family to buy water for wash or cooking food. Many families in Ngulelo do not have running water at home and come to a private tap water fountain near our office to pour some water in bottles or buckets. The water is needed to cook food, drink, wash clothes and themselves. It is not very clear to whom the private tap belongs to but a shop owner nearby collects all the monies. From the SWCEA office we can see the daily coming and going of children, teenage women, and other persons around the private tap fountain, where they pay a fee to get water.

It is distressing to see that price of water worldwide has gone up and is continuing to go up. Clean water is becoming a pricey commodity. The need is great for people in remote areas and for those with homes which have no access to government run water pipes for various reasons. However they stoically go on their days with limited access to water. Water is life and it is crucial to try and remedy this problem in our communities. We hope that with the ceramic water filters, people with very limited access to water can indeed recycle the water they have used to clean fruits and vegetables and make it drinking water among other uses.

SWCEA is now advertising the innovative technology now on SunRise radio 94.8FM on a trial period to get the word out about the ceramic water filter availability in the shop in Ngulelo. We’re grateful for all the support we have had from our various partners in overcoming some barriers and we’re looking forward to a great year full of victories.