SWCEA visits Maasai boma and Maasai women’s group in Ngaramtoni


Stella of Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa went to showcase the ceramic water filter in Ngaramtoni. This rural area is the home of many Maasai. It is about 10km away from the Arusha town center and the community survives on agriculture, trade and cattle breeding. The area has a primary school where most teachers are Maasai women.

Stella first had a meeting with the men and some children of the community and introduced the innovative technology. She explained to them how the ceramic water filter works and its benefits and long-term cost saving abilities. The men were happy to learn and see a new tool. They had many questions about it and were genuinely interested in hearing more about the development of this technology in the future.

After the first meeting, the SWCEA team headed to the primary school grounds, where the Maasai women came together to listen to the presentation. SWCEA donated a filter to be used in their main office and the women were grateful to be able to try out this new technology and share the news with other members of their family.