A Christmas gift – one day to change a life and clean water to enhance life

From the blog of Grand Circle Foundation……

One day, give back to the world you travel in….One day, give up a day in your life to help a community….One day, change a life.

That’s what we did in East Africa recently in November. A group of dedicated East African Trip Leaders and Driver Guides, led by Emily and Sandra from the Regional office, went to a children’s home in the back streets of Arusha and spent a day giving back to 21 orphans. A retired pastor Babu Christopher runs Paradise Children’s Center. His mission in life is to help those unfortunate enough to have lost both parents and find themselves being displaced in society. As a group we believed we could help the center and make a difference. Our day was action packed, fun filled, busy, but hard work.

First we unloaded the food that had been donated by the Foundation and by the Trip Leaders and Driver Guides and then began gardening….Next the decorating party made a start. We also helped cook the food, played with the kids and squeezed in a tea break. We did the laundry, which gave the kids a chance to play, draw, color and sing. Who would have believed a simple task of doing the laundry would make such an impact on the kid’s day?







We provided Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa (SWCEA) ceramic filters gifted by the Trip Leaders. And so we ended the day having completed everything we wanted to do, and more. A dining room brightly painted with new tables and chairs to reinforce family values. Fruit trees planted and a vegetable garden, which will provide a food source for the home. A gift of 3 SWCEA filters will give the children access to clean, safe drinking water. And, through generous donations from 3 of the Tanzanian Trip Leaders, every child has a Christmas present to open on Christmas day, and will have extra food. Thank you. It truly was a great day that made such an impact.