Safe Water hits Njia Panda through the Foundation

Clean safe water is a hot issue throughout Tanzania. In Arusha, the water that finally makes it to our taps has 109 pathogenic bacteria in it, which will cause stomach upsets including typhoid and cholera.

Help is on hand by using a ceramic filter, which filters 99.9% of all known water bacteria and pathogens and lasts 5 years.

The technology of SAFE Water Ceramics of East Africa ceramic water filters is simple, effective and sustainable. The round bottom ceramic pot is made from a mix of clay, sawdust and colloidal silver. Once the pot is fired at 1000 degrees Celsius, a small portion of charcoal is produced within the filter to improve taste and color. Dirty contaminated water can be added to the pot and is then purified in 3 ways.

- 1.3 micron pore size, filters dirt particles, large bacteria and parasites

- Silver impregnation, produces a hostile environment for bacteria preventing hostile bacteria from passing through the filter or reproducing

- Charcoal improves color and taste.

Most of our OAT travelers visit the small Safe Water Ceramics East Africa work shop and then go on to buy filters OR raise donations for the Foundation to go forward and purchase filters and distribute to the GCF sites. One filter costs about $40.

We have had great success and rolled out about 200 filters over a period of a year. Today saw 10 water filters being delivered to Njia Panda primary school. Agnes was thrilled and the children were very excited to receive the filters.

Long may our travelers continue to be so generous and thoughtful.