Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa Donates a Ceramic Water Filter to the Kilimanjaro Conservancy

Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa (SWCEA) wants to help provide safe water to students at Olmolog Vet Primary School in the Siha District. Students at this school have been performing very well academically in recent years thanks to a program run by the Kilimanjaro Conservancy, a non-profit, which is providing free lunches to the students daily. The Kilimanjaro Conservancy is a branch of Ndarakwai Camp ( a ranch in West Kilimanjaro that offers cultural and wildlife activities. Eric Jones, the Director of Ndarakwai Ranch was pleased to receive the SWCEA ceramic water filter on behalf of the Kilimanjaro Conservancy and for the students at Olmolog Vet Primary School.

We thank Peter Jones and Eric Jones for their efforts to develop the community living around the ranch and to support an environmentally-friendly ecosystem.