Wombs of the World and Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa

Mountain Doula’s Post -

We safely made it to Tanzania. After over 24 hours of travel, celebrating the new year in the air, and spending over an hour with customs immigration, we were greeting with big twirling hugs by our dear rafiki Patrick. The straight simple road lined with trees and few people felt so familiar as we left the airport. The air smelled sweet, the safari van we road in smelled faintly of damp animals, and we just couldn’t wrap our minds around it…. we’re back!

Yesterday we had the pleasure and honor of visiting Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa place of production. We got out of the car and were warmly greeted by Mtasha and a toddler ran up to me and gave me a hug. Am I dreaming?? Did a toddler just run into my arms?! Gabby laughed at me. I can’t wait to love on the newborns in the clinics y’all.

We were incredibly impressed by what safewaternow is accomplishing! As well as by the simplicity and efficiency of the product. And thanks to YOUR SUPPORT of our gofundme campaign, we have currently raised enough money for 25 filters, which safewaternow is generously matching. We hope to provide these filters throughout the clinics we work in, helping safewaternow connect with maternal and infant healthcare in the Karatu region. Water is life.

The rest of the day flowed perfectly. The ride to our new house for the next seven weeks was beautiful and nostalgic. This place reminds me to slow down. To enjoy simple pleasures. To put down my technology and just be. Just breathe. Just live with gratitude for the land and the water and the sky. We cannot wait for our doulas to arrive!!! To see this through their eyes for the first time.