Neema Home, a children’s home in Arusha, purchases 60 ceramic water filters from SWCEA

Claire Upshall, the onsite Director for Neema Home, a baby orphanage in Arusha, was very pleased with the two ceramic water filters which Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa (SWCEA) had donated last year to the children’s home for their drinking and cooking water use.  (

Claire, herself the mother of three adopted babies, was so impressed with the efficient way that the SWCEA filters were operating that she decided to fund-raise back in her home country in order to purchase more filters for the home use and for her staff. In partnership with the Adam Upshall Foundation (TAUF) she ordered and bought 60 ceramic water filters.

Claire sent her driver, Godlove, with Neema Home’s car to pick up the filters at the factory and shop in Ngulelo. Godlove was happily met by Kim (Production Manager SWCEA) as seen in the accompanying picture.

You can find Neema Home on Facebook ( and donate to help them raise all the beautiful baby orphans they are accommodating.