SWCEA presents ceramic water filter to Tuamuke Association organized by Sharing Love Ministries

On March 9th, Omari was invited by Ololade Benson to make a presentation about the ceramic water filter to an HIV/AIDS group of vulnerable people one morning at Mt Meru Hospital.









Ololade Benson and Abiodun Fawunmi are part of the Sharing Love Ministries and they organize monthly distribution of food and non-food items to a group of people affected by HIV/AIDS. The group is part of the TUAMUKE Association which seeks to help people affected by HIV/AIDS and their families.

The Tuamuke Association had 35 attendees for the presentation and we demonstrated how the ceramic water filter works and its benefits. It is particularly important for people affected with the disease to regularly drink clean water. The group was impressed to see how fast real dirty water could become clear, and clean. They volunteered to drink many glasses of water from the SWCEA ceramic water filter.At the end of the presentation, SWCEA donated two ceramic water filters to Sharing Love Ministries to be used at their regular meetings with the Tuamuke Association.