SWCEA visits Maasai boma and Maasai women’s group in Ngaramtoni


Stella of Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa went to showcase the ceramic water filter in Ngaramtoni. This rural area is the home of many Maasai. It is about 10km away from the Arusha town center and the community survives on agriculture, trade and cattle breeding. The area has a primary school where most teachers are Maasai women.

Stella first had a meeting with the men and some children of the community and introduced the innovative technology. She explained to them how the ceramic water filter works and its benefits and long-term cost saving abilities. The men were happy to learn and see a new tool. They had many questions about it and were genuinely interested in hearing more about the development of this technology in the future.

After the first meeting, the SWCEA team headed to the primary school grounds, where the Maasai women came together to listen to the presentation. SWCEA donated a filter to be used in their main office and the women were grateful to be able to try out this new technology and share the news with other members of their family.


SWCEA donates 2 filters to Conservation Foundation Trust of Tanzania Big Game Safaris

At the end of December 2012, SWCEA met with Rose from Tanzania Big Game Safaris. Tanzania Big Game Safaris has an NGO – Conservation Foundation Trust (CFT) – that carries out community development projects in parts of Tanzania surrounding their concession areas. They finance on-going projects such as providing schools with school supplies and dispensaries with medical supplies.

CFT was interested in the SWCEA ceramic water filters for one of the schools they provide help to. SWCEA therefore donated two ceramic filters towards one of their projects, which is a school named Olorash, situated in the Monduli District. The school has approximately 400 students. We hope that in the near future CFT will purchase additional filters to provide all the students at Olorash with clean water.


SWCEA receives colloidal silver from Spain delivered by Mr Robert Francu

The Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa team was delighted to receive the kilogram of colloidal silver they ordered in December 2012. In order to reduce cost, the bottle of colloidal silver was paid for by SWCEA but then sent to the Kananga Safaris’ office in Barcelona, Spain. From there, the director of Kananga Safaris, Mr Robert Francu, who often travels from Spain to Tanzania, collected the colloidal silver and traveled with it to Tanzania.

Colloidal silver is a legal and safe natural substance used to purify water. SWCEA uses silver in their filters and it can be effective for up to 5 years in combatting bacterias and pathogens found in water.  We are grateful once more to Mr Robert Francu for his dedication and partnership in helping us to reduce waterborne diseases in the communities.

SWCEA in collaboration with AWT donates a total of six ceramic water filters to three great organizations


On December 12, 2012 Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa in collaboration with the Association of Water Technologies donated two ceramic water filters to Neema Home, a children’s home in Njiro, Arusha. The home welcomes toddlers from difficult backgrounds and provides them with room and board, education and recreation. The home employs many ‘Mamas’ who take care of the children’s daily needs. The two ceramic water filters will lessen the financial burden of boiling water daily to get safe drinking water to the staff and children.





On the same day, SWCEA, in collaboration with AWT, also donated two ceramic water filters to ‘Maasai Widows’, an NGO dedicated in helping 400 Maasai widows earn a living. The ceramic water filters were collected by Mibaku, and later transported to the Maasai village.




Later that day, SWCEA, in collaboration with AWT, donated one ceramic water filter to the Olorien Community Clinic and one ceramic water filter to the Bible Baptist Academy. Both are under the same management.



SWCEA offers ceramic water filter to the Immigration office in Arusha

Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa made a presentation about the ceramic water filter to staff members at the Immigration office in Arusha, Tanzania in December 2012.  The staff were very impressed with the ease of use, efficacy and sustainability of the product. Many were interested in purchasing a filter for their personal home use.


SWCEA offered a free ceramic water filter to be used in the main Immigration office for safe drinking water. The Immigration office in Arusha deals daily with work permit filings, visa authorization and processing, and other related immigration issues for the community. They will benefit greatly from being able to drink safe water during working hours.

A Christmas gift – one day to change a life and clean water to enhance life

From the blog of Grand Circle Foundation……

One day, give back to the world you travel in….One day, give up a day in your life to help a community….One day, change a life.

That’s what we did in East Africa recently in November. A group of dedicated East African Trip Leaders and Driver Guides, led by Emily and Sandra from the Regional office, went to a children’s home in the back streets of Arusha and spent a day giving back to 21 orphans. A retired pastor Babu Christopher runs Paradise Children’s Center. His mission in life is to help those unfortunate enough to have lost both parents and find themselves being displaced in society. As a group we believed we could help the center and make a difference. Our day was action packed, fun filled, busy, but hard work.

First we unloaded the food that had been donated by the Foundation and by the Trip Leaders and Driver Guides and then began gardening….

Next the decorating party made a start.


We also helped cook the food, played with the kids and squeezed in a tea break




We did the laundry, which gave the kids a chance to play, draw, color and sing. Who would have believed a simple task of doing the laundry would make such an impact on the kid’s day?





We provided Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa (SWCEA) ceramic filters gifted by the Trip Leaders

And so we ended the day having completed everything we wanted to do, and more. A dining room brightly painted with new tables and chairs to reinforce family values. Fruit trees planted and a vegetable garden, which will provide a food source for the home. A gift of 3 SWCEA filters will give the children access to clean, safe drinking water. And, through generous donations from 3 of the Tanzanian Trip Leaders, every child has a Christmas present to open on Christmas day, and will have extra food. Thank you.  It truly was a great day that made such an impact.

SWCEA attends Arusha Christmas Fair – December 1-2, 2012

Stella represented Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa (SWCEA) at the Christmas Fair held on the TGT grounds from 1st December to 2nd in Arusha, Tanzania. The Fair was attended by many people of the Arusha community and was a great exposure for the ceramic water filter.

During the two days,  Stella  demonstrated in English and Kiswahili how the SWCEA ceramic water filter is effective. In one of the pictures you can see children stopping by the stand to understand how the ceramic water filter works and Stella explaining to them in their native language of Kiswahili.

SWCEA purchased a spot under the Non-Governmental Organization tent where many other charities and NGOs presented their products and services. The Christmas Fair was successful in that we raised awareness about the ceramic water filter and sold a few of them too. We hope to participate again next year and greatly increase the demand for this innovative technology countrywide.

Naserian Schools and Orphanages and Movairo Health Clinic receive donations of ceramic water filters

On November 27th, 2012 the Naserian Schools and Orphanage and Movairo Health Center each received one ceramic water filter from Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa (SWCEA) in collaboration with the Association of Water Technologies (AWT).  Both organizations generally boil water to get safe drinking water for their pupils and patients and this particular method of purifying water proves very costly to them.  With the use of the ceramic water filter they can save money on wood, gas or charcoal needed to boil their daily water and allocate this money to other needs.

The Naserian Schools and Orphanage has seven classrooms and a total of 160 students. There are 24 orphans who share bunk-beds and often sleep at two per twin mattress because of the lack of space. The orphanage is also in great need of clothes and school supplies for the children and more ceramic water filters.

If you would like to help please contact us at: info@swcea.org.

HAPPY WATOTO HOME Receives Two Donated Filters and then Orders 10 More!

Happy Watoto Home (www.SVVT.NL) is a set of schools and orphanages enabling vulnerable children to reach their potential. They are located in Kikatiti, Ngorika and Lerai in Tanzania. 

Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa (SWCEA) donated two ceramic water filters to the organization on behalf of AWT (Association of Water Technologies).  Wayne (with Safe Water Now in the United States), went to the premises of the school and orphanage and met with the Director, Marion, and her associate Walther. 

They were very pleased to receive the ceramic water filters as each can provide approximately 36 liters of safe drinking water in 24 hours. They, therefore, decided on the spot to purchase 10 more filters to satisfy the children’s needs. Before receiving the ceramic water filters, the staff at Happy Watoto Home were boiling water for themselves and all the children. This method was very costly and the children often did not like the taste of the water after it was boiled, or they were not patient enough to wait for the water to finish boiling and would go out and drink contaminated water.

The use of the ceramic water filters which gets rid of 99.9% of the bacteria found in unfiltered water will surely reduce waterborne diseases in the school, among the children and the staff.

Safe Water hits Njia Panda through the Foundation

Clean safe water is a hot issue throughout Tanzania. In Arusha, the water that finally makes it to our taps has 109 pathogenic bacteria in it, which will cause stomach upsets including typhoid and cholera.

Help is on hand by using a ceramic filter, which filters 99.9% of all known water bacteria and pathogens and lasts 5 years.

The technology of SAFE Water Ceramics of East Africa ceramic water filters is simple, effective and sustainable. The round bottom ceramic pot is made from a mix of clay, sawdust and colloidal silver. Once the pot is fired at 1000 degrees Celsius, a small portion of charcoal is produced within the filter to improve taste and color. Dirty contaminated water can be added to the pot and is then purified in 3 ways.

- 1.3 micron pore size, filters dirt particles, large bacteria and parasites

- Silver impregnation, produces a hostile environment for bacteria preventing hostile bacteria from passing through the filter or reproducing

- Charcoal improves color and taste.

Most of our OAT travelers visit the small Safe Water Ceramics East Africa work shop and then go on to buy filters OR raise donations for the Foundation to go forward and purchase filters and distribute to the GCF sites. One filter costs about $40.

We have had great success and rolled out about 200 filters over a period of a year. Today saw 10 water filters being delivered to Njia Panda primary school. Agnes was thrilled and the children were very excited to receive the filters.

Long may our travelers continue to be so generous and thoughtful.