Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa is Joining Forces with Wine to Water

Since its inception, Safe Water Now has made major strides in the fight against the Global Water Crisis. Wanting to grow and reach more people with clean water, Safe Water Now has entrusted their Tanzania program (Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa) to Wine To Water. Through the filter factory in Arusha, Tanzania, Wine to Water will be able to bring safe drinking water to not only the people of Tanzania, but throughout East Africa. Hear the founders, Doc and Tracy, share why this is such an exciting opportunity for Safe Water Now and Wine To Water.


Wombs of the World and Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa

Mountain Doula’s Post -

We safely made it to Tanzania. After over 24 hours of travel, celebrating the new year in the air, and spending over an hour with customs immigration, we were greeting with big twirling hugs by our dear rafiki Patrick. The straight simple road lined with trees and few people felt so familiar as we left the airport. The air smelled sweet, the safari van we road in smelled faintly of damp animals, and we just couldn’t wrap our minds around it…. we’re back!

Yesterday we had the pleasure and honor of visiting Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa place of production. We got out of the car and were warmly greeted by Mtasha and a toddler ran up to me and gave me a hug. Am I dreaming?? Did a toddler just run into my arms?! Gabby laughed at me. I can’t wait to love on the newborns in the clinics y’all.

We were incredibly impressed by what safewaternow is accomplishing! As well as by the simplicity and efficiency of the product. And thanks to YOUR SUPPORT of our gofundme campaign, we have currently raised enough money for 25 filters, which safewaternow is generously matching. We hope to provide these filters throughout the clinics we work in, helping safewaternow connect with maternal and infant healthcare in the Karatu region. Water is life.

The rest of the day flowed perfectly. The ride to our new house for the next seven weeks was beautiful and nostalgic. This place reminds me to slow down. To enjoy simple pleasures. To put down my technology and just be. Just breathe. Just live with gratitude for the land and the water and the sky. We cannot wait for our doulas to arrive!!! To see this through their eyes for the first time.


SWCEA ceramic water filter performs well in study conducted by the National Institute For Medical Research (NIMR) of Tanzania

The 27th NIMR Annual Joint Scientific Conference and Symposium on ‘Water, Sanitation And Hygiene (WASH)’ was held from the 16th-19th April 2013 at the SnowCrest Hotel in Arusha, Tanzania. During the four day symposium, there were many presentations and displays on Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage (HWTS). NIMR showcased technologies and products that were involved in its year long study evaluating effectiveness and acceptance of water treatment options. The SWCEA ceramic water filter was among the products being studied for that purpose, and we are happy to have learned that more than 80% of the households who were given the SWCEA ceramic water filter to use for 5 weeks as part of the study were satisfied with its ease of use and efficiency in removing bacteria from the water. The final report on that study will be released in early July of this year.

 Kim was glad to meet with Robert Mussa from the office of NIMR in Dar Es Salaam and with Mohamed Hussein from the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health of the School of Public Health and Social Sciences at Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. The University harbors the laboratories where the ceramic water filter was thoroughly tested for a long period of time and approved by the government. A new and larger receptacle bucket was also designed for the study, which will be useful for larger communities such as schools or children’s homes.

We, at Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa, are glad to bring a safe and effective product to the communities in order to reduce waterborne diseases. As an NGO, SWCEA has always tested its filters at the St Luke’s Foundation in Moshi, Tanzania. Every filter is also tested internally at the factory site. We are confident in our product and our customers are satisfied. We hope to reach a larger number of households in the future for the cause.


SWCEA presents ceramic water filter to Tuamuke Association organized by Sharing Love Ministries

On March 9th, Omari was invited by Ololade Benson to make a presentation about the ceramic water filter to an HIV/AIDS group of vulnerable people one morning at Mt Meru Hospital.









Ololade Benson and Abiodun Fawunmi are part of the Sharing Love Ministries and they organize monthly distribution of food and non-food items to a group of people affected by HIV/AIDS. The group is part of the TUAMUKE Association which seeks to help people affected by HIV/AIDS and their families.

The Tuamuke Association had 35 attendees for the presentation and we demonstrated how the ceramic water filter works and its benefits. It is particularly important for people affected with the disease to regularly drink clean water. The group was impressed to see how fast real dirty water could become clear, and clean. They volunteered to drink many glasses of water from the SWCEA ceramic water filter.At the end of the presentation, SWCEA donated two ceramic water filters to Sharing Love Ministries to be used at their regular meetings with the Tuamuke Association.









SWCEA visits Maasai boma and Maasai women’s group in Ngaramtoni


Stella of Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa went to showcase the ceramic water filter in Ngaramtoni. This rural area is the home of many Maasai. It is about 10km away from the Arusha town center and the community survives on agriculture, trade and cattle breeding. The area has a primary school where most teachers are Maasai women.

Stella first had a meeting with the men and some children of the community and introduced the innovative technology. She explained to them how the ceramic water filter works and its benefits and long-term cost saving abilities. The men were happy to learn and see a new tool. They had many questions about it and were genuinely interested in hearing more about the development of this technology in the future.

After the first meeting, the SWCEA team headed to the primary school grounds, where the Maasai women came together to listen to the presentation. SWCEA donated a filter to be used in their main office and the women were grateful to be able to try out this new technology and share the news with other members of their family.


A Christmas gift – one day to change a life and clean water to enhance life

From the blog of Grand Circle Foundation……

One day, give back to the world you travel in….One day, give up a day in your life to help a community….One day, change a life.

That’s what we did in East Africa recently in November. A group of dedicated East African Trip Leaders and Driver Guides, led by Emily and Sandra from the Regional office, went to a children’s home in the back streets of Arusha and spent a day giving back to 21 orphans. A retired pastor Babu Christopher runs Paradise Children’s Center. His mission in life is to help those unfortunate enough to have lost both parents and find themselves being displaced in society. As a group we believed we could help the center and make a difference. Our day was action packed, fun filled, busy, but hard work.

First we unloaded the food that had been donated by the Foundation and by the Trip Leaders and Driver Guides and then began gardening….Next the decorating party made a start. We also helped cook the food, played with the kids and squeezed in a tea break. We did the laundry, which gave the kids a chance to play, draw, color and sing. Who would have believed a simple task of doing the laundry would make such an impact on the kid’s day?







We provided Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa (SWCEA) ceramic filters gifted by the Trip Leaders. And so we ended the day having completed everything we wanted to do, and more. A dining room brightly painted with new tables and chairs to reinforce family values. Fruit trees planted and a vegetable garden, which will provide a food source for the home. A gift of 3 SWCEA filters will give the children access to clean, safe drinking water. And, through generous donations from 3 of the Tanzanian Trip Leaders, every child has a Christmas present to open on Christmas day, and will have extra food. Thank you. It truly was a great day that made such an impact.


Safe Water hits Njia Panda through the Foundation

Clean safe water is a hot issue throughout Tanzania. In Arusha, the water that finally makes it to our taps has 109 pathogenic bacteria in it, which will cause stomach upsets including typhoid and cholera.

Help is on hand by using a ceramic filter, which filters 99.9% of all known water bacteria and pathogens and lasts 5 years.

The technology of SAFE Water Ceramics of East Africa ceramic water filters is simple, effective and sustainable. The round bottom ceramic pot is made from a mix of clay, sawdust and colloidal silver. Once the pot is fired at 1000 degrees Celsius, a small portion of charcoal is produced within the filter to improve taste and color. Dirty contaminated water can be added to the pot and is then purified in 3 ways.

- 1.3 micron pore size, filters dirt particles, large bacteria and parasites

- Silver impregnation, produces a hostile environment for bacteria preventing hostile bacteria from passing through the filter or reproducing

- Charcoal improves color and taste.

Most of our OAT travelers visit the small Safe Water Ceramics East Africa work shop and then go on to buy filters OR raise donations for the Foundation to go forward and purchase filters and distribute to the GCF sites. One filter costs about $40.

We have had great success and rolled out about 200 filters over a period of a year. Today saw 10 water filters being delivered to Njia Panda primary school. Agnes was thrilled and the children were very excited to receive the filters.

Long may our travelers continue to be so generous and thoughtful. 

Special Thanks to Grand Circle Foundation

We want to recognize a long time friend of the project at Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa (SWCEA) -  Sandra Vaughan, East Africa Operations Coordinator for Grand Circle Corporation (  Sandra (seen in the photo next to Kimeirei Mesiaki) comes to the SWCEA factory to purchase filters on behalf of the clients of Overseas Adventure Travels (OAT), a leading safari company with a program of Learning & Discovery. Most OAT clients who go on safaris in Tanzania later donate money towards a specific project to the Grand Circle Foundation which implements their wishes and allocates the funds to the requested project. Many safari groups have visited the SWCEA factory on their Learning & Discovery program to learn about the ceramic water filter, how it is made and how it works. Upon traveling back to their home country, they then donate money to Grand Circle Foundation towards purchasing SWCEA ceramic water filters.

So far, Grand Circle Foundation has purchased more than 200 filters that they donated to Maasai bomas and schools in very remote rural areas.

Sandra has taken it to heart to demonstrate to the rural schools how to use the filters and the benefits of doing so. Thanks to her, many schools have expressed the desire to receive more filters and thanks to OAT clients coming on safaris to Tanzania, they will.

Stella’s visits to schools

Our sales manager Stella continues her visits to schools to promote the use of the ceramic water filter in the school environment and in teachers’ homes. Many schools in and around the town of Arusha are now using the ceramic water filter to get safe drinking water. The students and teachers are pleased to use this simple yet efficient technology daily. Teachers receive a special price as we allow them to pay for the filter in two installments because we understand their financial burden. Therefore, we encourage teachers to contact us to get ceramic water filters for their school or personal use as we will give you a special rate!


Safe Water Ceramics of East Africa is proud to be standing for the vision of providing access to safe water to all in the land of Tanzania with the use of the ceramic water filter.

Farewell from Leslie

It is a bitter sweet time for us as we come to the end of our time in Tanzania. SWCEA has come a long way in the past year. There have been many, many ups and downs as we have tried to grow the business and the road ahead will be no less easy. Finally, I believe we have come to a point where we can say that we have a strengthened filter, a good flow rate and a more consistent firing range.

SWCEA will now be able to move ahead with a solid product, and a new manager who will bring strong business and marketing skills to SWCEA. We hope that the coming year will show positive gain and vastly increased sales with her expertise.

Our experience here in Tanzania has been priceless. We have learned much from our Tanzanian friends about the value of community and family. Faith in God is strong here and it is the glue which holds everything together.

My husband Mike has contributed much to the SWCEA project, donating time and vehicle use to get filters out to teachers. He has enjoyed working closely with Stella, practicing his Swahili during the long road hours. He and Stella are fast friends. My son Izac has enjoyed immensely the camaraderie of his Tanzanian friends who have included him in play and conversation without hesitation. It has been an immensely valuable and unforgettable childhood experience for him. For myself, as a potter, I have been stretched and strengthened by this experience. My connection with Kim will never be forgotten as we faced the production hurdles together. It has been a pleasure to work with this immensely charming and thoughtful man.

My dream of returning to East Africa to do meaningful development work has come to pass. I believe in the Ceramic Water Filter as a means for safe water and I have been very happy to have thrown myself into this project body and soul.

Thank you SWAN, SWCEA, Tracy, Kim, Stella and all the wonderful Ngulelo friends we have been so happy to have shared a year with.  Best of luck to you SWCEA – May you grow and continue to provide Safe Water to those in need.